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  • Tripoli, Libya
CEN-SAD Youth and Sports Ministers’ Council Kicks Off in Tripoli

CEN-SAD Youth and Sports Ministers’ Council Kicks Off in Tripoli

The 4th Council of Youth and Sports Ministers of the Community of Sahel-Saharan States (CEN-SAD) officially commenced its proceedings in the Libyan capital on Sunday, with high-ranking delegations from across the region convening to chart a course for enhanced cooperation in youth empowerment and sports development.

The three-day summit, hosted by Libya’s Government of National Unity, opened with a ceremonial session attended by senior officials and representatives from CEN-SAD’s 25 member states. Prominent figures present included CEN-SAD Executive Secretary Adou Alhaj.

In his inaugural address, Alhaj underscored the pivotal role of youth as drivers of change and pillars of the region’s sustainable development. He emphasized the importance of nurturing youth potential and fostering an enabling environment for their aspirations to thrive.

The council’s agenda encompasses a range of pressing issues, including developing joint training and cultural exchange initiatives for youth, improving sports facilities and services, strengthening youth participation in policymaking, and exploring avenues for collaboration with regional and international organizations.


As deliberations commence in Tripoli, the spotlight is on this pivotal gathering and the region’s collective commitment to investing in its burgeoning youth population.