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  • Tripoli, Libya
Experts’ Sessions Reconvene at CEN-SAD Youth and Sports Ministerial 

Experts’ Sessions Reconvene at CEN-SAD Youth and Sports Ministerial 

The experts’ sessions at the 4th Council of Youth and Sports Ministers of the Community of Sahel-Saharan States (CEN-SAD) reconvened Sunday evening in Libya’s capital, after a productive morning of deliberations.

Following a lunch recess, delegates representing CEN-SAD’s 25 member states returned to tackle key agenda items addressing pressing regional issues concerning youth empowerment and development.


The afternoon session saw in-depth discussions on fostering social and vocational integration of youth, with a focus on nurturing entrepreneurship to combat high youth unemployment rates across the Sahel and Sahara regions.

Sustainable development also took center stage, with experts examining youth’s pivotal role in tackling environmental challenges like climate change. Deliberations spotlighted harnessing renewable energies, such as solar power for rural electrification and wind turbine projects, as well as concerted efforts to combat desertification.


Moreover, the phenomenon of migration afflicting CEN-SAD nations emerged as a priority concern, with talks revolving around potential regional solutions and policy recommendations to stem the tide.

These critical deliberations aim to forge a unified vision on confronting obstacles hindering youth advancement, sports growth, and sustainable progress within the CEN-SAD sphere. Concrete action plans and policy guidance are expected to crystallize from the intensive discussions.